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Library Access

Featherbed tales has partnered with Library groups in the UK and through these offers full access to the Featherbedtales for their members to enjoy free of charge.

If you local Library service is listed below, click on the link to take you to a dedicated page to access their services using you existing library card.

Common questions

What if you don't have a library card? Follow the link provided and register with you library service for free and once you have that, please return and register with featherbed Tales via the Library link provided.

What if you Library group is not listed? We would love to take on more library groups so please do contact them and let them know you would love them to join our service - better still Contact us and we will do that for you !!!

How is Featherbed Tales different to the other Digital Books offered by Libraries? Featherbed Tales is the only Digital Book service that enables the reader to ALSO record their voice reading the book for playback to others.

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