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Welcome To Featherbed Tales

Digital picture books and greetings cards, recorded by you!

Want to help your child get ahead in reading, speech and language development?

Then read on and come and fall in love with our magical stories and beautiful hand drawn illustrations brought to life by your voice as narrator.

See what the early years team of a national literacy organisation has to say about Featherbed Tales: 

“High quality story books and nursery rhymes with sensitive rhythm and rhyme, perfect for little ones learning to develop language, speech and reading.”


And that’s not all… children love to record themselves, hear their voices played back as well as have fun with innovative and intuitive tech.  


We love stories! We love firing imaginations about the world around us, helping little ones discover new words and creating excitement of anticipation.  So when you hear “AGAIN Mummy!”, our recorded stories will bring to life Aunty Bev snap snapping with the crocodile or Dad roaring like a lion again!

Do you want to personalise a story yourself, to get a reluctant reader to engage with books? Do you want to help your child develop their language skills through learning nursery rhymes to prepare for school? Or share story times with distant loved ones? Then Featherbed Tales are for you!

Featherbed Tales are for everyone! Whether you are an individual user or a large organisations, we have something for you. Follow the link below for more details.

Hear what our customers are saying about us
A recent You Gov survey in 2021 and the  National Literacy Trust tell us...

“Half of children don’t like reading”

“Children who are good readers have better life chances”

“Children who don’t know nursery rhymes tend to fall behind in reading” 


So join us at Featherbed Tales to help your child get a head start.

Two Friends with a Tablet
Recording your story is as easy as A, B, C

Choose a Digital Story

Choose from one of our many stories, nursery rhymes and wonderful cards

Record yourself reading it

Follow the simple instructions to make a wonderful recording of your chosen story

Playback and share with loved ones

Once you are happy with your recording you can play it back straight away or share with a loved one anywhere in the whole world

The power of the spoken word
Children, parents and grandparents love creating their own personalised Featherbed Tales
Play Video
VOICE – our most powerful and overlooked asset

“I really love how you can personalise the stories, add Ella’s name and tell her to get ready to “Snap Snap” like the crocodile.”  Jasmine, mum

“Noah is asking for my story every night now!”  Aunty Bev

“Ella said hiya when she heard my voice and was laughing!” Jasmine, mum

“It was really moving.  I was so touched I could be a part of Jake’s life in this way.” May, Jake’s grandma

“Featherbed Tales are amazing.  The books are super easy to record and are a lovey way to share.”
Becks, Mum

“This is wonderful – it’s as if she was there reading to us.” Pat, Emily’s grandma

mum and Daughter.png


We all recognise the joy of celebrities narrating audio books, but it is the voices of the people we love and care about which have the most impact on us. 

Hearing the voice of a parent increases feelings of wellbeing and reduces stress in children. Featherbed Tales was created to harness this powerful effect and to engage children in storytelling.

And it works both ways, with grandparents and absent parents telling us how charming it is to enjoy a storytime narrated by their grandchildren and children in their own unique voices. 

Whoever reads a story, it creates a forever memory to be cherished and listened to time and again.  


And while literacy and speech development is a serious business, reading a story is not!  Be fun, be silly, laugh, make mistakes, ask questions and add peoples’ names to your story reading – the more personal, the more fun it will be to listen to!


What are you waiting for? Come and join us and Discover Your Voice!

Here are some more customers telling us what they love...

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